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Rotate your rugs once a year:

Please feel free to contact Cyrus Rug Gallery at your convenience to schedule an annual rotation for your rugs, ensuring their even exposure to light, traffic, and wear.

Your rugs move out of their place:

Enhance the appearance of your hand-woven rugs with invisible pad solutions for any surface. Call Cyrus Rug Gallery today to schedule a custom installation of the pads best suited for your application

Protect your art. Have your rug appraised every three years.

Most insurance companies require proper documentation of your rug's retail value nowadays. Please feel free to contact Cyrus Rug Gallery regarding your rug appraisal.

Have your rugs professionally cleaned, by hand:

At Cyrus Rug Gallery, we make sure that each rug is properly dusted, meticulously cleaned, and thoroughly dried, maintaining your rug's beauty for generations of enjoyment. Your satisfaction is our primary goal. Are you thinking about selling an old rug or trading your rug for something different? Do not hesitate to contact us.

At Cyrus Rug Gallery, we are always ready to trade.