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A Message from our Founder
My personal interest in Persian rugs started as a child. My family members were avid Persian rug lovers and my grand father had a real treasure of rare and exquisite rugs.

My interest led me to spend my free time in my father's gallery since I was eight. I have not known any other profession since. Learning from my grandfather, father, and other family members resulted in a deep passion and appreciation for this fine art. I established Cyrus Rug gallery more than twenty years ago in Washington, DC. We have since moved to Vienna, VA.

Today, all of us at Cyrus Rug Gallery would like to thank each and every one of our numerous satisfied and loyal customers, especially those living in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. As a direct result of your support and loyalty, Cyrus Rug Gallery has been able to collect one of the most exquisite collections of Persian and Oriental rugs in North America. We are one of the foremost sources for antique Persian rugs in North America. It is our joy and pride that we provide meticulous service for our customers. We offer the right rugs from all over the world for the right price.

We would also like to extend an invitation to all of the Metropolitan Washington DC area interior designers to make Cyrus Rug Gallery their ultimate source for quality, hand woven Persian and Oriental carpets for their design projects. In the rare occasion when our inventory does not match your desired carpet, we will find a carpet to your exact standards through our network of business associates.

All of us at Cyrus Rug Gallery are eager to bring you the highest standard of service and quality for years to come. As always, we work hard for your satisfaction.

Cyrus Atighehchi